Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday aftermath

We are so fortunate to have power. My sister who lives 4 blocks away doesn't. She and some friends from church spent the night in our cold air last night. There were 2 huge water main breaks which we think is leading to our very low water pressure problem. The link that follows shows all the outage areas in red.

Around 5:30 this morning we had some big thunderstorms roll through. We got 5 inches of rain between 5:30 and 8 this morning. Our street was flooded sidewalk to sidewalk. When our friends left to return home, they came back because the water was splashing up through the floorboards of their SUV. All the work we did yesterday has washed back onto the driveway and street. Once it stops raining, we'll get started again.

We have been totally amazed by the news video of our area. Without cable or power, we could only appreciate what we could see around us and now we are more humbled and grateful for the protection we enjoyed.


REBECCA & CO. said...

Dang, will it ever stop. I lifted your post onto my blog again. Right now I'm living through you. :) Except when I went out last night--then I was just me.

The Ottosen Family said...

I'm jealous over your "girls night". I'd love to have a shower and go somewhere to eat food that had side dishes.

A_Kawakami said...

i'm glad to hear that things are alright! I've been getting emails from some people giving updates on the situation. isn't technology wonderful? All of ya'll are in my prayers! Memorial Park holds a special place in my heart!