Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5th grade no more...

Last night we attended Ben's 5th grade promotion (graduation). It was a very nice program and I really held it together until they showed the kindergarten graduation picture of my boy. Even thinking about it makes me cry. He was so little, and now he is so little...compared to the big hairy scary 8th graders.

Ben did very well in his end of year state exams (TAKS). He had commended performance on both Reading and Science and was only 2 questions away from commended on Math. He is looking forward to being a 6th grader at a vanguard middle school.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

We've been adopted!

We came home last week and found a dog sleeping on our porch. He stayed all week, but we couldn't get anywhere near him. Saturday morning he decided that we were the ones and can't stand for us to be out of sight. Ben is thrilled to have a dog, but is finding that training isn't as easy as he thought. We still are looking for the owner, but a dog is definitely in our future!

Update: May 30th - Dog was adopted by an elderly lady and her daughter.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ben meets favorite author

Today, Ben got to meet his favorite author, Rick Riordan. Mr. Riordan's newest book, The Titan's Curse, came out Tuesday, and there was a book signing in Timbuktu, Houston on Thursday. Amidst Zeus' thunderbolts and Houston's famous torrential downpours and resulting flashflooding, many drenched fans both young and young-at-heart, gathered at a teeny tiny bookshop to have their copies signed. Mr. Riordan spoke for a couple of minutes and then allowed time for questions. We were only #65 in line, and he took several minutes to speak with us and sign Ben's books.