Sunday, April 27, 2008

Power of the Priesthood

Ben turned 12, and as tradition in our church, he was interviewed and found worthy to be ordained to the office of Deacon in the Aaronic priesthood. I do not remember ever being at an ordination. I may have been there when Bryce was ordained, but I'm going to cite middle age memory loss on that one. Not knowing how it is supposed to go, I thought it was really special. We met in the deacon/teacher quorum at the end of their lesson. The bishop spoke for a few minutes about the importance of the priesthood and then Nate was able to ordain Ben. Grandpa, the bishopric, and his leaders (including our good friend Bob Bolster) assisted. Ben received a very special blessing and was required by the bishop to give me a hug. (Good thing because I was going to embarrass him with one anyway.) He immediately went back to being a 12 year old boy, but an experienced mom's eye could see a change.

As the week progressed, Ben was happier, quick to do chores and homework before playing, and he just seems to have a quiet confidence that wasn't present before. He's still a boy, though...he loves video games and still smarts off on occasion and conveniently forgets about homework.

It was interesting to me that my principal shared that he recently became a deacon in his church (at the age of 52). His responsibilities include greeting people as they arrive. It seems to be a much different process than ours and I don't know the details, but the juxtaposition was interesting to note this week.

This Sunday morning, Ben exercised his priesthood duties for the first time and passed the sacrament. He remembered Grandpa Jones' council and passed the trays with his right hand. He did a great job and you could not tell it was his first time. He even looked like an expert at helping our blind sister with the sacrament. I cannot express the feeling of joy and humbleness that I felt as my son, entrusted to me by Heavenly Father, undertook this duty.

The power of the priesthood is real. I know. I saw it this week.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Changes...I don't like them...but I keep making them

Ugh! I thought the transition to middle school was enough of a change for this year. However, Ben turning 12 has ushered in some other changes that I wasn't prepared for. Like how on earth are Nate and I supposed to sit quietly during the sacrament when we don't have to set an example for Ben? And now we actually have to show up BEFORE the sacrament is passed since Ben will be passing it. Not to mention the late Wednesday YM nights...Kim's bedtime just got pushed back an hour. (My students don't know it yet, but I'm grumpy when I don't get to bed by 9).

Comcast bought out Time-Warner a while back and I haven't been pleased with that change. When AT&T's rep showed up on the doorstep to tout their new Uverse fiber optic phone, cable & internet service, they talked me into it by promising to lower my bill.

Add to that the fact that Texas deregulated their electricity service a few years back. I miss the old days when one just didn't have a choice. I have spent 15.5 hours comparing rates, checking service complaints and just plain fence-sitting since my contract with Reliant ended and I had to enter into a new one. I would have just extended with R, but they increased my price by 2 cents per kwh! That just wasn't in the budget since we have virtually no insulation and summer is coming. (i know...i should just roll out that insulation...but have you SEEN my attic?!)

I don't like change...but it sure likes me!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

12 Great Things about Ben

Ben turned 12 on Thursday and celebrated with dinner at Bennigan's where he attempted to release his inner leprechan. In honor of him here are 12 great things about Ben.

1. Ben has always been very determined from the moment of his birth to today. We are fortunate that he has been determined in righteous paths.

2. Ben has a kind heart. He loves animals and babies.

3. Ben is bright. Despite a few learning disabilities, he competes quite well (when he chooses to) at school. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of topics that strike his fancy. Such as greek mythology, pokemon, and warhammer.

4. Ben is honest. He takes after the Joneses in the blatancy of his honesty.

5. Ben is sober in the things of the Lord. He takes his church responsibilites seriously and never makes light of them. He is usually the first to remind us of scriptures and prayers when we get off track.

6. Ben likes to laugh and make other people happy. He must get this from his father who was recently introduced as the "ward comedian".

7. Ben is generous.

8. Ben is a good friend.

9. Ben is forgiving.

10. Ben is quick to show appreciation and gratitude.

11. Ben is quick to bear another's burdens. He often jumps in to help without being asked and endures to the end when he is helping.

12. Ben is polite. He never goes to a friend's house that the parents don't make a point to express how well he behaves and how much they enjoy having him around.

Nate and I are constantly awed by Ben's quiet greatness. He is truly a gift to our family and we hope to be worthy parents of him.