Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ben's Birthday Bash

Ben celebrated his birthday by go-karting. None of his friends had ever driven anything, so it really was a BASH! A good time was had by all and we came home and had birthday cake and played basketball. Fun! Ben received so many video game gifts that I'm afraid he'll turn into a shriveled up white raisin.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Kim has recovered from her fabulous trip to St. Louis for the NSTA conference. My students aren't even grossed out by the brain dissection pictures...I've taught them well! I won a trip to the American Wilderness Leadership School near Jackson, WY. I'll be spending a week there this summer!

I have lots of creative outlets this year:
  • Bookbinding - start my photo album next week. 1 book finished.
  • Beading - I created a lapis lazuli & gold necklace and bracelet combo that the instructor liked so much she copied the design to make a matching one. 10 necklaces finished.
  • Stamping - Heather & I love stamp camp. We are making slider cards next month. Look for our designs in your mailbox!
We still go to work most days and play Settlers of Catan with our friends once a month. Summer is only 6 weeks away....I can't wait!

Nate News

Nate has been researching the next blackpowder rifle he wants to make. That handcart trek reminded him of how he used to have fun. He has even agreed to schedule a day to clean out the garage to make a workshop. He must be serious!

Nate was also extremely disappointed that his, oops...we mean Ben's pinewood derby car didn't win top honors.

Ben Happenings

Ben went to the district pinewood derby and came in 17th out of 34 Webelos much to his disappointment. He really thought he would take home the championship trophy. I guess learning how to handle disappointment is easier when you are 10 than when you are 20. At least I hope so.

Ben's birthday is Tuesday and he'll be 11. He wants to race go-carts for his party and so we've sent out the e-vite to his friends. He wishes that his cousin could come from Vegas.

We just paid the "graduation fee" for 5th grade graduation. Ben's graduation will be May 22nd. Please join us if you would like to come.