Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Stylin' Shepherd

Ben agreed to play a shepherd role in the pageant during the ward Christmas party. (For those of you who can't see the photo too well...he's the one in the sheepskin). No bathrobe for this boy! Heather was kind enough to loan her stinky sheepskin, and Nate loaned his Irish cane. He spent the whole time waving to people in the audience - whether or not they were waving to him.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Editorial & Debate...please join in!

If your news has been taken hostage by Britney's troubles, you may not have heard of the great science education debate regarding teaching of evolution versus intelligent design. I have watched it with varying degrees of interest and opinions because it didn't directly effect me. That ended on Nov. 4th, when the Texas Education Agency forced the resignation of Chris Comer, the state director of science, over this same issue. (search net for: chris comer texas)

My opinion has been and continues to be that our God designed such a marvelous world with such forethought and attention to detail, that humans will spend eternity discovering all the many miracles that make it work. In my opinion, evolution is one of those miracles that allow species to adapt to changing forces and is a part of His plan. That being said, I in no way believe that one of the miracles involves humans evolving from another species.

My real moral struggle over this issue is do I want to be forced to teach either of these theories?

I have to say that I would prefer not to teach either (total neutrality). As a second choice I would give equal time to each and label them as theories.

The issue at the base of all this is the issue of free agency - that same issue that we all fought valiantly in support of in the pre-existence, and should continue to support today, while living as examples of Christ. I believe that all people should have the chance to choose for themselves and that involves allowing freedom of information and ideas so that one can educate himself/herself and thus choose wisely. Censorship of information and ideas can only lead to less freedom and further bondage.

Okay, now that I've said my piece, feel free to leave comments regarding your stance on this issue. I will always love and respect my family and friends. I reserve the right to change my opinion if yours brings to light information I had not considered.

Ben's Jammin'

Ben is definitely in middle how fast he grows! He informed us a few weeks ago that he thought it was time to rebel. After a little shock, we asked in what way this rebellion was going to occur. Currently it seems to be in hair length, "forgetting" about homework, and grunting instead of answering.

Ben wants to play electric guitar. He spends his free time listening to guitar riffs on and practicing his moves. (Kim is grateful for all that time she spent listening to rock growing sure comes in handy these days)

Ben will be representing the Phillipines in Dallas at the GEMUN (model UN) in May. The whole idea gives Nate the willies, since Nate believes the UN is Satan's answer to the United Order.

Ben is struggling more with balancing all the requirements that middle school has. He can't wait to turn 12, and has asked for a suit. He is suffering through these last months of Primary - and did a great job in his last Primary program. His take on the whole thing: its for little kids! For Christmas, he wants an electric guitar.

Kim's Crazy Life

I am spending this year in a regional science collaborative which is 106 hours in addition to the rest of my workload. I am learning amazing things, but boy is my life out of balance again! I am trying to rein it back in, and am having more success at keeping an even keel than in past years.

My only life is family, church and science/school. I did redo my bedroom over Thanksgiving and am quite pleased with it. It is much more inviting. I still need an overstuffed chair to curl up and read in, as well as new nightstands, oh, and I need to get the artwork framed. But for now, its good enough.

I'm looking forward to hanging with mom and dad and Heather over the break...and just taking a break.

What do I want for Christmas?? A treadmill! I miss going to the gym and working off some of the stress.

Nate Update

Nate is not really getting older, it is just a rumor from his enemies. Actually he is 24...really (historians report that he will be turning 41). His wish for his birthday is a Day Stretcher (so he can have enough time to get more done).

Nate is hard at work on his first novel. 1 week has produced 2 paragraphs. No chance we will be hitting the bestseller list anytime soon.

He continues to take iron supplements and s l o w l y gain strength. We noticed an improvement over the Thanksgiving weekend. He made it from the parking lot to the restaurant without taking rest stops. (In June at the same restaurant, he had to stop twice.) The big struggle now seems to be learning not to overdo it, which causes setbacks.