Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kim's Crazy Life

I am spending this year in a regional science collaborative which is 106 hours in addition to the rest of my workload. I am learning amazing things, but boy is my life out of balance again! I am trying to rein it back in, and am having more success at keeping an even keel than in past years.

My only life is family, church and science/school. I did redo my bedroom over Thanksgiving and am quite pleased with it. It is much more inviting. I still need an overstuffed chair to curl up and read in, as well as new nightstands, oh, and I need to get the artwork framed. But for now, its good enough.

I'm looking forward to hanging with mom and dad and Heather over the break...and just taking a break.

What do I want for Christmas?? A treadmill! I miss going to the gym and working off some of the stress.

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