Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ben's Jammin'

Ben is definitely in middle how fast he grows! He informed us a few weeks ago that he thought it was time to rebel. After a little shock, we asked in what way this rebellion was going to occur. Currently it seems to be in hair length, "forgetting" about homework, and grunting instead of answering.

Ben wants to play electric guitar. He spends his free time listening to guitar riffs on and practicing his moves. (Kim is grateful for all that time she spent listening to rock growing sure comes in handy these days)

Ben will be representing the Phillipines in Dallas at the GEMUN (model UN) in May. The whole idea gives Nate the willies, since Nate believes the UN is Satan's answer to the United Order.

Ben is struggling more with balancing all the requirements that middle school has. He can't wait to turn 12, and has asked for a suit. He is suffering through these last months of Primary - and did a great job in his last Primary program. His take on the whole thing: its for little kids! For Christmas, he wants an electric guitar.

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