Friday, April 23, 2010

How does one end a blog?

It was fitting that the ending this morning was drizzly and gray. The beginning was drizzly and gray, too - the only difference being about 40 degrees. The morning matched the mood - solemn and a bit weepy.

In just a few minutes, the judge ruled that the marriage was over and wished us only good things in the future. Too bad that last decree doesn't carry much weight. I too only wish good things for the future, but this is life and it happens without regard to the plan.

It is funny that I do feel a bit different - kind of undefined. A bit like the exoskeleton is too large and I'm bumping around inside. I don't feel like a failure, I don't feel bitter, I don't even feel terribly sad. I feel a bit poignant, a fair amout of relief, and as always, curiosity.

Although this blog has ended, you can always follow the individuals on Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail and phone calls. Who knows, maybe I'll change the name and continue the tales of a boy named Benjamin. Although, I don't think high-schoolers much like being the subjects of mom's blog. So FB is probably your best bet.