Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ben Happenings

Ben went to the district pinewood derby and came in 17th out of 34 Webelos much to his disappointment. He really thought he would take home the championship trophy. I guess learning how to handle disappointment is easier when you are 10 than when you are 20. At least I hope so.

Ben's birthday is Tuesday and he'll be 11. He wants to race go-carts for his party and so we've sent out the e-vite to his friends. He wishes that his cousin could come from Vegas.

We just paid the "graduation fee" for 5th grade graduation. Ben's graduation will be May 22nd. Please join us if you would like to come.


JonesFamily said...

Ben, we miss you! You're going to have to visit us when we get a new house (or before!). We are excited you're almost 11!

mopsie said...

And, school is winding down. Life is good! We might even see you this summer, if Tyce gets to come visit us. Time will tell.