Sunday, April 20, 2008

12 Great Things about Ben

Ben turned 12 on Thursday and celebrated with dinner at Bennigan's where he attempted to release his inner leprechan. In honor of him here are 12 great things about Ben.

1. Ben has always been very determined from the moment of his birth to today. We are fortunate that he has been determined in righteous paths.

2. Ben has a kind heart. He loves animals and babies.

3. Ben is bright. Despite a few learning disabilities, he competes quite well (when he chooses to) at school. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of topics that strike his fancy. Such as greek mythology, pokemon, and warhammer.

4. Ben is honest. He takes after the Joneses in the blatancy of his honesty.

5. Ben is sober in the things of the Lord. He takes his church responsibilites seriously and never makes light of them. He is usually the first to remind us of scriptures and prayers when we get off track.

6. Ben likes to laugh and make other people happy. He must get this from his father who was recently introduced as the "ward comedian".

7. Ben is generous.

8. Ben is a good friend.

9. Ben is forgiving.

10. Ben is quick to show appreciation and gratitude.

11. Ben is quick to bear another's burdens. He often jumps in to help without being asked and endures to the end when he is helping.

12. Ben is polite. He never goes to a friend's house that the parents don't make a point to express how well he behaves and how much they enjoy having him around.

Nate and I are constantly awed by Ben's quiet greatness. He is truly a gift to our family and we hope to be worthy parents of him.


JonesFamily said...

YAY BEN!!!! I loved reading these things about my favorite nephew. You have obviously done a good job raising him because he is truly a fine young man.

Anonymous said...
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