Saturday, April 26, 2008

Changes...I don't like them...but I keep making them

Ugh! I thought the transition to middle school was enough of a change for this year. However, Ben turning 12 has ushered in some other changes that I wasn't prepared for. Like how on earth are Nate and I supposed to sit quietly during the sacrament when we don't have to set an example for Ben? And now we actually have to show up BEFORE the sacrament is passed since Ben will be passing it. Not to mention the late Wednesday YM nights...Kim's bedtime just got pushed back an hour. (My students don't know it yet, but I'm grumpy when I don't get to bed by 9).

Comcast bought out Time-Warner a while back and I haven't been pleased with that change. When AT&T's rep showed up on the doorstep to tout their new Uverse fiber optic phone, cable & internet service, they talked me into it by promising to lower my bill.

Add to that the fact that Texas deregulated their electricity service a few years back. I miss the old days when one just didn't have a choice. I have spent 15.5 hours comparing rates, checking service complaints and just plain fence-sitting since my contract with Reliant ended and I had to enter into a new one. I would have just extended with R, but they increased my price by 2 cents per kwh! That just wasn't in the budget since we have virtually no insulation and summer is coming. (i know...i should just roll out that insulation...but have you SEEN my attic?!)

I don't like change...but it sure likes me!

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JonesFamily said...

I don't like change but change likes me . . . you hit the nail on the head!!! LOL