Sunday, May 20, 2007

We've been adopted!

We came home last week and found a dog sleeping on our porch. He stayed all week, but we couldn't get anywhere near him. Saturday morning he decided that we were the ones and can't stand for us to be out of sight. Ben is thrilled to have a dog, but is finding that training isn't as easy as he thought. We still are looking for the owner, but a dog is definitely in our future!

Update: May 30th - Dog was adopted by an elderly lady and her daughter.

1 comment:

JonesFamily said...

Awww, you adopted an Ewok!

I guess this is just a temporary pet, though, if you find the owner, right? Well guess what...we might be getting a dog too. And so is my dad--it is a requirement for working at his new job!

Hope your having fun with your little critter for now--he/she is absolutely adorable.