Friday, September 12, 2008

7:00 light fading, winds strong, Ike on the way.

The wind is very gusty. Still no rain.
I've been laughing at the squirrels that are running across the roof of Mr. Jerry's house (one on the top). Usually they run and then jump over the corner where the 2 sides of the house come together. Today when they tried it, the wind blew them off the roof. So now they run full out to the corner and then just drop spreadeagle flat on the corner and kind of scritch across on their fingernails. Glad they are having a good time.
Recent reports are that Ike is a category 2 with the storm surge of a category 4. Water is expected to cover parts of I-10 which is 50 miles from the coast.
Tune in at 9ish to see what happens next. I'll keep posting every couple of hours until the power goes out & I lose my internet connection.

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