Friday, September 12, 2008

IKE 1:00 P.M.

Clouds are getting more ominous. We have been having wind gusts about 25 mph and then complete stillness for 30 minutes.
There is no ice to be found in our area. We decided maybe we should pick up a couple of bags and drove over to the store. People are panicky - the store shelves are bare for items like bread, canned chili, bottled water and ice. The liquor stores have lines snaking out the doors. I haven't seen drivers with that glazed expression since the opening weekend of deer season. It's more risky to be on the road right now than home watching the storm blow in.
Preparations in our neighborhood range from bringing in planters and furniture by the people who have lived here since 1955 to asterisk-shaped taping of windows by people who have lived here since 1995, to boarding windows by people who have lived here since 2005, to a family on the next block who ordered a U-Haul and are in the process of loading up all their belongings. They were relocated here by Katrina.

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