Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike at Five. Wind is picking up.

All the people in our neighborhood that boarded up their windows are now sitting outside on their porches. Maybe because its dark inside.

The wind is picking up and the squirrels have started a full frontal assault on our home. They climb on the back of our bench and peer in the den window. Then they jump on the window and scrabble at it until gravity drops them to the ground. The snakes are rather anxious as well and testing their cage tops.
Community leaders are visibly and vocally concerned and that worries me some. When our mayor asked us to pray to whichever God we worshipped in whichever language we use for divine assistance, it caught my attention. They told us it was safe to stay, and I wonder if they are having second thoughts.


JonesFamily said...

I quoted your post on my post--I hope you don't mind. I thought your description was spot on.

The Ottosen Family said...

No problem.