Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ten days in Utah...

Ben & Kim traveled to Utah to spend time with family. Bryce's family was very kind to drive up to the Jones headquarters in West Jordan so that we could all be together. It was very, very fun and we enjoyed getting to know cousins that we hadn't seen in a year. Unfortunately, I'm missing the roll of film for those days. I did take a couple of pix of Betsie's girls with my digital.

Ben and Tyce spent every spare second together as did Mary & Kess. I'm not sure I even had a conversation with Mary. It was good to see them! We enjoyed hiking around Silver Lake where Bryce's twins kept the family in one-liners for the next year.

Harrison(upon encountering a fallen pine): uh oh....The tree fell down? We have to fix it! Maybe tomorrow.

Cameron (while viewing 2 female mallard ducks and a duckling). That the mommy and daddy? Kim: no, it is 2 girls. Cam: That the mommy & baby? Kim: Yes. Cam: That other one the daddy! Kim: No....its the aunt. Cam: Oh, okay. Say bye ducks. (ducks quack). Another 150 yards down the trail. Kim: Look Cameron, there's the daddy duck. Cam(screaming so loud it echos across the lake: Bye daddy duck! Bye daddy duck! BYE DADDY DUCK! (continue for next 10 minutes). Kim (to self): please duck, please quack

Cameron (after seeing ground squirrels): Chip chip bite me? chip chip bite me harder? hee.hee..

The other highlights of the week were spending time with my mom and dad. It was really nice to just hang out and visit. Oh, and I did go truck-shopping with my newly retired dad...here's how we did.

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