Thursday, August 30, 2007

Middle School Madness

First, a note about Nate. He finally called the doctor to see what was up since we hadn't heard anything. All his bloodwork came back normal for the things they were testing this time. (They did not test hemaglobin or iron levels.) He does NOT have lead poisoning. However, his urine samples are missing. 3 days worth. So he has to repeat the test next week. No news until September. How much longer can this drag on...or rather how much longer can Nate drag on?

Second, why no pictures? I managed to mess up my computer and now I cannot click links on a webpage. I have pictures, but can't click the link to add them. Ho hum...

Ben's middle school life started early Monday morning at 5:20 a.m. when the alarm rang so he could get ready. His bus leaves at 6:17 in the morning. School begins at 7:53. Yes, we are the first stop on the route. Ben arrived at school and started his day with GSG. GSG is homeroom. Ben will have the same homeroom and locker for all 3 years. He has 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in his homeroom class. The 8th graders lead the others in leadership activities and character learning. When Ben reaches 8th grade, he will help lead the younger ones in his class. Interesting program and seems to work to diminish bullying. Ben says he already knows lots of 8th graders and they are nice.

His middle school works on the block program. They have red day and purple day. On red days, he starts with math, science, then lunch, followed by reading, music/art but he is switching to drama. Purple day begins with PE, world cultures, lunch, English, study lab. He comes home on the bus, where mom meets him at 4:30.

World cultures is his favorite because they don't give homework, it is fun, and it is interactive and he filled out an application for a classroom job. Ben's least favorite subject is math because it is a tough subject and the homework is hard.

After 4 days, we are all very tired and fall asleep by 9:30. Ben thinks middle school is better than elementary, while mom and dad are adjusting and thinking it's not so bad......this week.


mopsie said...

So sorry Nate's diagnostic journey has potholes and speed bumps. The worst thing is not knowing what's going on. We'll keep him in our prayers.
Ben, your middle school sounds good - organized and innovative. Enjoy it!
Kim, how is your school year so far?

JonesFamily said...

Kim, where are you? Come post soon because I want to read what's going on with you.