Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Family news...

Did you miss us? Ben & Kim spent a month visiting family and doing teacher training out of state. Unfortunately, Nate was unable to go with us.

Nate's tests came back negative, but he had to wait a month for the hematologist appointment. After the hematologist reviewed everything, he insisted that Nate has a GI bleed or cancer and all the previous tests had missed it, so we are back to the drawing board and Nate is doing 3 days of testing to try and detect the signals. UGGGGHHH! We are frustrated and worried, but not much we can do right now. Please keep Nate in your prayers.

On another note, with our increased consumption of red meat (for Nate's iron levels), both Kim & Ben's cholesterol is elevated, so now we have to have 2 diets in the family. Kind of makes us laugh and the dietician groan, but so be it.

I'll post vacation stuff shortly.

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