Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of Summer

Nate is slowly recovering from the 3 day round of blood tests. We are still waiting on the results.

Kim has been busy with preparing for teaching all grades (K-5) science lab and recovering all her files that were deleted in the server migration this summer. She learned podcasting in one of her teacher inservices and is excited to find time to play.

Ben went to the 6th grade orientation for middle school. He immediately hooked up with his friends from elementary school, found his classroom, and thought the parent meeting was "BO-ring!". Mom thought the music was too loud, the other kids too big, and the school just plain huge. It wasn't like that in my day! Monday should be a big adjustment for us all. :-)


mopsie said...

I can't believe Ben and Tyce are in middle school. Wish they'd stay small. Wyoming sounds beautiful. At least you got to go somewhere this summer! Now back to the ol' grind. . .
How's Nate?

JonesFamily said...

It was great to talk to you this afternoon! We should have interesting tales to hear about on Monday night after our boys return from middle school, eh? We'll have to compare notes in a week. :)