Sunday, June 15, 2008

Scout Camp

I have had a wonderful, testosterone-free few days. I took Friday off so I could have a whole day to myself. By Saturday, I was ready for my men to come home. Just as I called to see how much longer they would be, Nate said look out the window and there they were! Ben ran right in the door and gave me the biggest hug. It was great - although a little stinky. Evidently, he only took 1 shower all week.

Ben didn't pass off very many merit badges, but he's nearly completed several. Guess we'll hit the remaining reqs in July. He had a wonderful time being part of a group of boys and definitely grew in confidence and boyness. He thinks he wants to play football in the fall, and so we are working out everyday to be ready.

Nate had a good time too. He was blessed with other leaders who had their own health issues and so they all supported each other and had a good time. He came back with good color and a fair amount of energy and most importantly - a smile.


Bob said...

I'm glad both of them had a good time. I was going to call you guys today but looked down at the time and it was too late. I'll catch ya'll during the week.

JonesFamily said...

Summer is really here! I'm glad your men had a good time.