Sunday, June 29, 2008

I, Benjamin...

Ben opened his first talk in sacrament meeting with: "I, Benjamin, having been born of goodly parents am forced to speak today. Actually, I am thrilled to be here. " (The opening was a compromise since he wanted to say he was born of somewhat-goodly parents.

He shared 4 scriptures that testified of Christ, bore his testimony, and went over his 3-5 minute limit.

Excellent job for your first, or tenth time!

I have discovered the joy and addiction of family history and have spent hours the past few Sundays tracking down family records. It's kind of like being a detective.

Summer school ends on July 3rd and I can hardly wait! Ben has been going with me and doing peer tutoring with 5th graders. We are both ready for some lazy summer days.

Nate's anemia issues are improving, and he actually wants to go and do things some evenings.

We are getting our food storage organized onto some new shelves and planning a garden (in Houston, gardening season begins in early fall.)

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