Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blessed in every way!

I have been constantly reminded of how blessed I am. From getting a flat tire in the church parking lot instead of on the freeway, and then having it patched for free, to being spared any damage when a tree fell down inches from my truck, to having the strength of the spirit during some very odd and stressful experiences at school. I know that the Lord loves me and watches over me and my family everyday.

While we were home with the flu, Ben and I were in the den and witnessed the tree in our neighbor's yard come down - on top of the truck it appeared! The whole neighborhood came running, and we were awestruck when this is what we saw - not even a scratch! No damage to either home, and the neighbor only lost 3 boards out of his fence.

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JonesFamily said...

Holy cow, that is quite a picture! That, and your incidents of late make me thankful that you are safe and well. It makes you realize that you (the general you) are really supposed to be alive because there are so many times something awful could have happened.
You are blessed!