Saturday, June 9, 2007

First week of "real" summer...

Ben spent the week at Lanier Middle School in a reading/math camp. He had a great time despite his reservations about going to school during the summer. He has found a new love for "quzzles" (logic problems)and wrote a really great story. Everyday showed him more confident about starting middle school until Friday, when he found out that the boys have a group shower in the gym locker room. That was very disturbing to him.

Kim has been working out everyday and using the FlyLady system to get back on top of things at home. I still need Mary Poppins to come and help me in the garage, though!

Nate has been under enormous stress from work. He is restoring a flintlock rifle from the 1700's and is finding it quite challenging. He is looking forward to our weekend trip to San Antonio.

We ended the work week by going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and having Ben beat both of us at chess.

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JonesFamily said...

I am using flylady too!